Some of my current projects…

Here are a few simple pictures to come back slowly, before I start talking a lot again.

I hope you had a wonderful summer so far (after all it’s not over yet) and that the new start at work/school is going okay. See you soon with new books, patterns and I hope completed projects!


Today I made my first piece of jewellry! Or rather, my first real piece. I already “made” a necklace to go with my teddy bear skirt before, but it consisted in assembling already made pieces together more than really creating something from scratch. Appart from the overall idea I can’t get much credit from it. Here I made everything, from the design to the actual construction using basic materials. And the result doesn’t look too bad. ^^ I’m really happy I could actually finish it and transform my idea into an object. I don’t have any picture right now, so I will post again later to show you the result, and you can tell me what you think about it. I’d really like to do other pieces like this, and explore this idea that I have, so I hope I’m not the only one who likes it. ^^;