A book and a picture

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately… I have a huge amount of work that cannot wait. I wish I had better organisation skills so that I wouldn’t find myself overwelmed by work from time to time like I am now. :s

I just posted pictures from the above pattern book on my Flickr, because someone was looking for them on a French community I’m in, and I thought I’d share the info here in case anyone is interested. ^^ You can find all pictures here.

This is a picture of the project I’m currently working on. Maybe some of you can guess what it is about. I hope to post the answer very soon!

Spotted: Sewing Pochée Special

As promised here are some other new releases. Two at a time today! I previously talked about the new book in the Pochee Special series, so here it is. And this time I even went crazy and took some pics, even though I didn’t get the books. But just a few, because I don’t think it really is allowed… ^_^;

Pochée Special “Linen & cotton de tsukuru, natural fuku to haorimono”

The last Pochee issue and this book are partly centered around the same theme of natural clothes and outer clothes. They say on the cover (if I got it right) that those clothes are okay for all year round. You get 40 items inside (clothes or accessories). Same principle as always: several designers, each of them offering one basic garment and two variations. Plus a few coordinating pieces (skirts, pants, stoles, bags…). Now let’s see some pictures and the table of content!

Peitamama’s style

- basic: stand collar coat onepiece (see pic)- arrange 1: front open onepiece with flat collar- arrange 2: 3/4 sleeves tunic onepiece- short pantsFor all designers there is a design of each piece (basic/variations) under the picture so you can have a better idea.

May Me’s style

- basic: shawl collar onepiece (short sleeves, opens in front)- arrange 1: stand collar coat onepiece (see picture — shows the back)- arrange 2: hooded jacket- reversible jacket (shown with the basic onepiece, looks quite large and thick).

anon ketto’s style

- basic: round neck onepiece (see picture)- arrange 1: tunic onepiece (shorter than the basic piece)- arrange 2: scallop no sleeves tunic (seen on the cover)- stole vest (see link just below or picture at the bottom of the post)Those tops by anon ketto have something special: the back is open and asymmetrical. The right part goes on top of the left part and seems to be attached at the top. You can see it on this picture (or at the bottom of this post).

Nature*’s style

- basic: U-neck onepiece- arrange 1: long sleeves onepiece- arrange 2: frill onepiece (see picture)- scallop capeAll three dresses seem to have a gathered neckline judging from the designs.

rossa’s style

- basic: V-neck coat onepiece- arrange 1: V-neck tunic onepiece (see pic)- arrange 2: V-neck blouse (see picture, the small white part belongs to it)Both variations are shown on the same pages. They have the same shape, the blouse being smaller and having this white part at the neck. See designs bellow the picture.


The last picture on the right show one of the coordinating pieces: a cardigan. Some other accessories are: the bag on the anon ketto’s style picture, the scarf on the Nature’s style pic and a petticoat/skirt made in the same fabric. I don’t remember what the other items are, sorry.

The basic garments by Peitamama, May Me and Nature and the cardigan have their own “sewing lesson”. That means there are very detailed explanations on how to make them, with step by step pictures. The other clothes listed under the designers names above have color explanations with drawings among the pictures. Some are very detailed, some only show the cutting layout and steps order. The other garments/accessories are described in black and white at the end of the book with the same kind of drawings.

Spotted: Linen, cotton, wool no fuku

Here is the second book for today!

Clothes made of linen, cotton and wool. The outfits in this book are supposed to be okay for autumn, winter and spring. Do they intend to not publish anything else until summer? ^^ The style is leaning towards the “natural clothes”, those that you can find for example in the Pochée magazine (reason why I’m posting this book and the Pochee Special together).

I don’t have as many pictures as for the Pochee book (especially since the clothes are more varied here and I couldn’t summarize everything with just a few pics) but you will get the table of contents and a few pictures that illustrated it on the book.

- V-neck tunic + roll-up pants (I think it’s the cover outfit)- vest- V-neck onepiece + lace stole (I think, my picture is missing the last word… but I’m pretty sure it’s the outfit on top of the french list of contents)- patchwork skirt (very nice) and 2 ways stole (it makes a stole and a shoulder cover with sleeves)- jacket and lace skirt- camisole dress (flower print version) and flare blouse (quite original, the sides go down longer that the rest)- dolman sleeves blouse and petticoat- triple gaze blouse and tuck skirt- tunic dress, 2 styles- A-line tunic onepiece and tunic- apron-skirt (see picture above) and camisole dress (white version)- vest, 2 types- jacket and onepiece- jacket and denim coat (see below)- accessories

As for sewing explanations, it works like every other book from the “Lady Boutique series”. Some explanation are in color, in the middle of the outfit pictures. The other are in b&w at the end of the book. All text explanations come with detailed drawings.

Ghost in progress

Here is what was hidden behind one of the “current projects” picture…

The whole outfit (except shoes) is made by me. But for real this is just a work in progress, the outfit isn’t done yet. You shouldn’t be able to guess it with this pic (if I did my job right), but it is. First, the threads on the top haven’t been trimed yet. And I’m not 100% satisfied with how the back turned out, I might try to redo it during the week-end. And the outfit is missing a piece to really be decent. But it already looks cute like that (on picture ;p ), and I wanted to show it, so here it is! Hopefully I’ll have pictures of the completed outfit to show by Sunday evening.

Pochée autumn 2009

Just a quick note to say that I edited the previous post. I added a link to scans of the magazine, so you can have a better idea of the outfits. This is especially for those who read the blog via an rss reader and would miss the update. ^^

Spotted: Pochée autumn 2009

The new Pochee is out! I’ve been haunting my bookstore for some time, waiting for it to appear. I really like that magazine. I don’t own any yet, but it’s only because I can’t choose which one to buy. I love reading it at the bookstore. They always have nice sewing ideas, cute clothes, explanations that seem very well detailed and the overall look is really nice. Very natural japanese. I also love the part where they show the workplace of some designers who (I think) work from home.

Here is the cover of the last issue which is still as nice looking as the previous ones.

Like the new “Pochée special” sewing book they just release (going to talk about that in a future post) the magazine concentrates on outer clothes. Which means dresses, something that they call “dress coat”, which can really be a coat if made in the appropriate fabric, and jackets. I think among those main patterns I saw 5 that looked definitely like coats/jackets to me. As usual those are offered by several “natural” designers and for each style you will find one basic pattern and one or two variations (which usually make a really different garment). Appart from those patterns you can find: small objects, bags (2 pages), leggings/arm warmer (1 pair)/leg warmer (1 pair) (2 pages), stoles/vests (2 pages), dresses and tunics for women and girls, skirts for women and skirts, two jackets/coats for children and a few bags for your children who go back to school. That’s all I can remember right now.

Edit from September 10th: thanks to lolo from Le grenier de Noélie we now have a link to scans of this magazine. There aren’t all the outfits, but it show those from the main theme. You can see them here (flash needed I think). They also show the leggings pages, the stole pages, two of the children pages (those with the coats) and two other adult outfits that I liked.

It’s funny, it seems that I see jackets and coats patterns everywhere lately. Is it me or are they really more present? I’m not sure. It might also be that more of them have interesting details/shapes. There was a lot of new releases since the beginning of September, I’ll try to talk about them in the next posts (at little at a time).

Some of my current projects…

Here are a few simple pictures to come back slowly, before I start talking a lot again.

I hope you had a wonderful summer so far (after all it’s not over yet) and that the new start at work/school is going okay. See you soon with new books, patterns and I hope completed projects!