Leaf bracelet

I just got my camera back so I can show you the post I had planed for earlier this week. :)

From time to time I’m able to find the way back to my craft space, which allowed me to make a few handmade presents the past months. I’m sharing one of those today. Ages ago my sister had asked me to make her a bracelet with a leaf pendant I found at La Droguerie. There is a saying in French that goes like this : “All will come in good time to those who can wait”. I say that’s lucky for my relatives… I finally made the bracelet for her birthday this year!

At the time she said she wanted something simple, just the leaf pendant on a chain. But I wanted to invest a little more of my time and creativity in her bracelet, so I decided to add a few green colored wooden beads. It makes the final product a tiny bit more elaborate but still simple. She seemed to be happy with the gift (the good thing being that it was totally a surprise to her, since she had forgotten about her wish) and I’m glad I finally made it.

Technical note: the beads I got when I was living in Japan, and all the metal parts come from La Droguerie.

A new year

(Image from Vector Graphic by DryIcons)

What was I saying in my last post? That I didn’t mean to leave you now that I have a baby? Well, I certainly didn’t mean to… but it seems I wasn’t fully conscious of how few available time I would have or of how I would want to spend it… sorry I didn’t come back earlier! I was supposed to share something before the end of the year, I had a post written, but I forgot my camera with the pictures to illustrate it at my uncle’s house during the holidays… I took other pictures when I came back home but I didn’t have the time to write another post before today.

So now that the year has changed, I wish you a very happy and joyful 2014 year! May you create lots of good memories during this year, complete interesting projects and enjoy time with your loved ones. 2013 was of course a very important year for us, with the arrival of our dear Mr E. He’s growing up fine and every week we’re impressed by the new things he learns to do. We are a little bit tired, but it’s like that for all parents, isn’t it? ;) It already feels like 2014 will be an interesting year also, although we’re not planning anything as life-changing (no second child planned for the coming year ;p ).

And I plan to be back here for real this year. That’s my year goal. ;) I will need to get better organized, but it shouldn’t be impossibly challenging. What about you, do you have any goals for this year?