Spotted: J’aime le Liberty (I love Liberty)

Friday evening I went to check the craft section of my favourite Fnac store in Paris (because it has a big craft books section). I caught a couple new releases that I’m going to share with you. First today is “J’aime le Liberty” (or “I love Liberty”), a new translation of a japanese craft book. I forgot to take a picture of the cover so I’m showing you the official picture I found on the Internet.

As the name suggests the book is all about clothes and accessories made of Liberty fabric. If you like Liberty (as I do), you might enjoy looking at the pictures. They added the names of the different prints in the picture description, which is nice. It can give some ideas about how this or that particular print will look once transformed into clothes. It’s exactly why I took this picture:

I was suprised how nice the print (Caesar if I’m not mistaken, I forgot to look up the name in the book…) works for this dress. I already knew this fabric, but wasn’t sure how it could be used, because of the big  and busy print. I think they did a wonderful job here: the big print works well for a long dress, and the flowing skirt and bottom frill go well with the feather print and add fluidity to the structured motif. Okay maybe I’m overthinking here, but I like this combo.

The clothes style is quite classic for japanese books. Nothing really caught my eye because I already have a good number of japanese sewing books, but others seem to like it. You can see some more pictures on those blogs: Lalouandco, Elle vit sa vie, Flo’p.


Spotted: J’aime le Liberty (I love Liberty) — 2 Comments

  1. J’aime beaucoup cette tenue ! Je suis comme toi, j’avais vu ce liberty mais je me demandais comment l’utiliser pour adulte, comme pour beaucoup d’autres motifs d’ailleurs. Sur les enfants, c’est facile, il portent (presque) tout sans problème, mais sur une adulte il faut se casser la tête !

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