Bear skirt

I should show more completed creations here, so that people don’t think that I just have a big mess of work in progress projects. I also happen to finish some of them sometimes! I still don’t have any real good picture of my flower dress to share with you, so I’ll show you something a little older : my teddybear skirt, named after the fabric I used.

The pattern comes from a japanese book. I don’t have it so I’m not sure which one it is. Might be this one. The clothes is this book are quite classic ones, and didn’t really interest me, except for this skirt. She was almost exactly what I’ve been wanting to make for some time! Long, but not too much wide, with corners at the bottom (see the picture bellow to understand). It looked really nice. And the pattern is really simple since it’s based on a half circle skirt with an elastic waist.

I fell in love with this fabric the first time I saw it. I love tartan/check fabrics. So when I went back to the shop later, after have discovered the pattern, and saw it again, I knew it would be perfect for the skirt! And I was right! I was happy to have an excuse to get it. ;p I love the mix of check and teddybear prints, with the elegant shape of the skirt. It might sound strange, but it definitely works! The fabric is not so thin but flowing, perfect for this skirt. It’s so light that sometimes I have the disturbing feeling that I’m not wearing anything… ^^;

The above picture was taken the first day I wore this skirt, when we went to Design Festa. The event was my motivation to make it. It looks really great with a fitted black top (to emphasize the waist and accentuate the retro feeling of the skirt) and those autumn colored tights.

In conclusion: this is a great pattern! Quick and very easy to make, for a result that is very comfortable to wear and looks pretty. My husband loves this skirt which he finds very feminine and elegant, and I totally agree. I think it will have little sisters (a skirt is a “she” in French).


Bear skirt — 10 Comments

  1. OK donc moi, je continue à croire que tu as toujours que des en-cours chez toi… muahahahaha ! xD (oué, je peux parler, moi, la miss-qui-finit-jamais-rien)

    • Merci pour ton commentaire. ^^C’est vrai qu’en général tu sembles utiliser des tissus un peu plus “discrets”…

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