I think that a little introduction would be good. After all it’s always nice to know who you’re interacting with, isn’t it? I’m a young woman who currently have the pleasure to live in Japan. As you can guess I love clothes, sewing, and crafting. It’s a real treat to live in Japan when you like sewing, they have such wonderful books and prints!

I’ve always liked pretty clothes, even if my definition of “pretty” wasn’t allways the same as those around me (especially the other pupils at school). I especially love skirts and dresses. Both my mother and grand-mother know how to sew, but sadly none of them ever taught me. I regret that a lot now, when I see so many people that started sewing as child. I’ve done a few small things but really nothing much. I started drawing clothes in the corners of my notebooks in middle school, but strangely enough I didn’t decide too learn sewing before I was in grad school, at past twenty! It probably seemed to be an obscure art one couldn’t learn by itself. But I fell in love with gothic lolita fashion, which is expensive and wasn’t at all easy to find in France at the time. That, plus trying on a very cute skirt only to discover that once again the cut was strange and it didn’t fit me at all decided me: I was going to learn sewing!

My first accessory, a neck corset, made my mom laugh the minute she saw it ; so she taught me how to do a proper hem. My first skirt was done on my grandmother’s sewing machine, with her much useful help. From there I continued mainly by myself. Luckily there are plainty of ressources available: my mother and grandmother who try to answer my questions the best they can with the distance between us, books, the Internet… I’m so thankful for japanese books and their detailed drawings, they taught me so much! And the Internet is a wonderful source of inspiration. I’ve been sewing irregularly the past years, but now I’m back and I think it’s for good. I have tons of ideas and I can’t wait to realize them. I’m still not very quick, but I’m sure this will improve with practice.

Before I get something new to show you (ahem, my pile of projects to complete is too long for my taste), I’ll post about former projects. And in the meantime you can also pay a visit to the other blogs I’ve linked on the left. They’re part of those I’m following (I love Google Reader). I’ll probably add others later, so check back from time to time.

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