Felt decorations

As I said before, I’ll show you some older projects while I don’t have new ones to share. Here are two felt decorations I made for Christmas. They were both intended as gifts, but I ended up keeping the star since I wasn’t so happy with it: the felt is damaged, it seems it wasn’t washable as I had been told… :s

Both have been hand sewn and hand embroidered. I decided to start learning embroidery last year, and I love it! I haven’t done much yet, so I’m really a beginner, but it’s very pleasant. I find hand sewing and embroidery very soothing. Hand sewing being much slower than machine sewing though, I generally use my machine. So I really appreciate hand embroidery (complex machine embroidery is definitely out of my reach at the moment! ^^; ). And what I like is that even very simple embroidery can really change a project from really basic to pretty. You don’t have to be an embroidery master to make lovely things, anyone can do it (yes, even you!).

Those were my first felt stuffies (and actually first stuffies ever, felt or not). I’m more used to using fabric rather than felt. But it’s really nice for that kind of small decorative objects! I’m sure I’ll use it again in the future. Maybe in the near future, since I have some ideas for summer decoration. It’s very easy to use, you just have to be patient and methodical in order to have nice stitches and stuff it correctly. And in the end you get cute little objects! Just an advice: carefully check whether your felt is washable or not. And if it is, wash it before use, as I’ve heard felt can shrink a lot when washed. I always wash fabric before using it.


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