Yet another to start her own crafting blog! “And why ?”, would you ask. After all if you’re here you might be curious to know why I decided to create this place. Well, I’ve been haunting the crafting community for months now. I’m enjoying sewing more and more, and as I do I find myself reading more and more blogs revolving around crafts, sewing, clothing and style. I discovered this huge community made of very nice persons, and I’d like to become part of it. I want to play too! Talk with all of you, show you my projects and share what I like. It’s very fun to be able to share your interests with people who can understand them. So here I am!

Of course you’ll read about sewing here, and clothes (as that’s what I’m currently mainly sewing, but I’d like to try other things too). But I’m sure you’ll hear about other subjects too. Revolving around crafting surely. But maybe also around books music, illustration or many other thing. I’d love to grow many different kind of trees here and give this place a soul. Welcome to my little forest!

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