Work in progress

Two projects that might be a little ambitious, considering the time I can devote to sewing… ^^;

This is the franken-pattern of what I hope to be a lovely dress. The deadline for this is approaching quickly, I hope I can finish it on time! Please cross your fingers for me.

This should become a stole. Quite some work left to do, right? ^^; This is my first “big” crochet project. It makes me realize how much longer it takes to make something that way rather than sewing it. I somehow knew it would take long, but I didn’t know it would be that much! With some luck I’ll be able to show you the finished product before next year. I hope time does improve a lot when you get more experienced… ^^;


I told you last time about my recent love for crochet. I was very lucky to receive what I needed to start learning crochet for Christmas from a family member, along with a live demo of the basic stitches. It’s very easy to learn when someone is showing you how to do it! Crochet seems much easier to me than knitting. With a few basic stitches you can make cute and useful things. Plus you don’t need much space, so I can bring my crochet and thread with me on the train when I commute to/from work, which is great! And I really like the repetition of movements, it’s sort of soothing and funny. Here are some of my first crochet creations:

Sources: Marie-Claire Idées’s “250 points de crochet” and this flower tutorial at Attic24

Ok so I still have some progress to make so that my stitches look really pretty, but I think it’s a good start. I then went looking for online tutorials. I decided to try Creative Yarn’s triple hairband.

I’ve had something similar in mind for some time and I was wondering if a chain stitch would work ok.  The answer is yes. I guess I saw the band on a blog (probably at Eolune’s, who made it with a flower) and it stayed somewhere in my memory. It’s very easy to do and I really like the result. My husband loves how it looks on me. The only thing is that I seem to have a big head, because the ends were too short, I couldn’t knot it. I added a button and made a loop with the remaining of the thread on one side, and voilà !

Now I have to make some more in different colours so that I can match my outfits. I’ll try to make them longer so that I can make a knot or shorter so that the button is centered. Good thing there is a yarn shop not very far from my new place. :)