Have a lovely New Year’s eve

I told you I’d try to come back for one last post before the new year. I intended to share the last sewing project I made in 2015. Sadly I had just a short period of free time today and I baked scones for our friends instead. It’s for brunch tomorrow, hoping that 1. they turn out okay, since it’s a recipe I’m using for the first time and 2. they’ll still be okay tomorrow morning when we’ll be eating them. ^^; The good news is that I started processing the pictures, so it shouldn’t be long before you see this project here.

In the meantime I’m leaving you with the teaser picture above and I wish you a very nice New Year’s eve!

Sewing lessons WIP

I’m currently working on two projects: one at home and one at the sewing lessons. That way I have less things to take with me to the lessons, as I can leave patterns and fabric in the classroom. My current sewing lessons project is to make a copy of a sweater I own. Those are the pattern pieces all traced.

Work in progress

Two projects that might be a little ambitious, considering the time I can devote to sewing… ^^;

This is the franken-pattern of what I hope to be a lovely dress. The deadline for this is approaching quickly, I hope I can finish it on time! Please cross your fingers for me.

This should become a stole. Quite some work left to do, right? ^^; This is my first “big” crochet project. It makes me realize how much longer it takes to make something that way rather than sewing it. I somehow knew it would take long, but I didn’t know it would be that much! With some luck I’ll be able to show you the finished product before next year. I hope time does improve a lot when you get more experienced… ^^;

WIP: current challenge

A small glimpse of my current project, started last week-end. The project starts with these pattern and fabric, but is supposed to look slightly different in the end. That is, if I’m able to master this pattern… My muslin is in serious need of adjustments, and I have no experience in pattern alteration, especially when there are darts involved.

Cross your fingers for me!

A book and a picture

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately… I have a huge amount of work that cannot wait. I wish I had better organisation skills so that I wouldn’t find myself overwelmed by work from time to time like I am now. :s

I just posted pictures from the above pattern book on my Flickr, because someone was looking for them on a French community I’m in, and I thought I’d share the info here in case anyone is interested. ^^ You can find all pictures here.

This is a picture of the project I’m currently working on. Maybe some of you can guess what it is about. I hope to post the answer very soon!

Ghost in progress

Here is what was hidden behind one of the “current projects” picture…

The whole outfit (except shoes) is made by me. But for real this is just a work in progress, the outfit isn’t done yet. You shouldn’t be able to guess it with this pic (if I did my job right), but it is. First, the threads on the top haven’t been trimed yet. And I’m not 100% satisfied with how the back turned out, I might try to redo it during the week-end. And the outfit is missing a piece to really be decent. But it already looks cute like that (on picture ;p ), and I wanted to show it, so here it is! Hopefully I’ll have pictures of the completed outfit to show by Sunday evening.

Some of my current projects…

Here are a few simple pictures to come back slowly, before I start talking a lot again.

I hope you had a wonderful summer so far (after all it’s not over yet) and that the new start at work/school is going okay. See you soon with new books, patterns and I hope completed projects!

Thought of the day


Frills are very pretty, but they’re also a pain to make!!


As you can guess my skirt is getting made, more slowly than what I’d like but I’m getting there. It seems it decided to be cute, I’m reassured. ^^ And while making it I got a nice idea for a mini skirt (but not for this time). I wanted to finish it today but an evening with friends yesterday and the heat have decided otherwise. I still have to add the waist band. Or, I “only” have to add the waist band. I’m getting close!

Sorry no picture, it’s very late and I’m going to bed.

Cute fabric

I bought this adorable fabric during my crazy week of meetings and fabric shops hunting last June.When I saw it I immediatly fell in love. It begged me to be brought home. I decided I would make a cute skirt out of it. Something simple. I didn’t have the exact image in mind, but I knew I wanted to make a skirt. Problem: once I got home I still couldn’t get a precise idea of which skirt… :s And I started to hesitate and wonder if a skirt was the best idea, of if I should make something else. I finaly settle on a skirt again, and changed my mind like three times. I cut a first panel, tried something, thought it wouldn’t look so nice, changed my mind, cut again. Now my decision is taken, there are too many panels cut to change my mind again. Let’s hope it will end up really pretty (and not just “okay”, which would be a shame with such a cute fabric).