Cute fabric

I bought this adorable fabric during my crazy week of meetings and fabric shops hunting last June.When I saw it I immediatly fell in love. It begged me to be brought home. I decided I would make a cute skirt out of it. Something simple. I didn’t have the exact image in mind, but I knew I wanted to make a skirt. Problem: once I got home I still couldn’t get a precise idea of which skirt… :s And I started to hesitate and wonder if a skirt was the best idea, of if I should make something else. I finaly settle on a skirt again, and changed my mind like three times. I cut a first panel, tried something, thought it wouldn’t look so nice, changed my mind, cut again. Now my decision is taken, there are too many panels cut to change my mind again. Let’s hope it will end up really pretty (and not just “okay”, which would be a shame with such a cute fabric).


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