The author, usually known as Lholy-chan on the Internet (pronounce “lolichan”), is a young woman who had the pleasure to live in Japan for three years and a half. She loves clothes, sewing, and crafting. It’s a real treat to live in Japan when you like sewing, they have such wonderful books and prints!

She has always liked pretty clothes, especially skirts and dresses, even though her definition of “pretty” wasn’t always the same as to those around her. Even though both her mother and grandmother know how to sew they never taught her as a child. And if she started sketching clothes in middle school, she only realized she could learn to sew her own clothes without going to a school in her early twenties. Since then she’s been sewing irregularly. She has now decided to do it seriously, which is part of the reason this blog exists. She’d like to share her creations here, but also what other people make and her inspirations. The Internet crafting community if very rich and inspiring, and she hopes to give back to others what she gets from it.