Usually known as Lholy-chan on the Internet (pronounce “lolichan”), I’m a french woman who had the pleasure to live in Japan for three years and a half, where I started this little diary of my sewing journey. It’s a real treat to live in Japan when you like sewing, they have such wonderful books and printed fabrics! I started sewing with japanese books, and getting serious about sewing while I was living there clearly had an impact on my sewing habits, even though I’ve been back to France for some time now.

I’ve always liked pretty clothes, especially skirts and dresses, even though my definition of “pretty” wasn’t necessarily always the same as to those around me. Although both my mother and grandmother knew how to sew, they never taught me as a child. And if I started sketching clothes in middle school, I realized I could actually learn to sew my own clothes by myself in my early twenties only. Since then sewing has never left my brain, even if the actual sewing can be irregular. My second big revelation was when I realized you could find resources to sew vintage fashion by yourself…

I started this blog as a way to share my creations when I was more isolated in a foreign country, but also to share what other people made and my inspirations. The Internet crafting community if very rich and inspiring, and I hoped to give back to others what I got from it. Even more than my sewing, my writing here has been irregular as the years went by. Having now two kids and a full time job doesn’t leave me with much time, and I usually spend more of it sewing or planning my sewing or admiring some vintage resources (or resting) than writing about sewing theses days… But still I’ve never given up this little space, and feel like I’ll always come back to it.