On November 1st I’ll be taking part to what is possibly the biggest doll event in Tokyo. I’ll be there as a seller. At first I reserved a booth to sell for other people, some foreigners that I know from the dolly world who would like to sell there but couldn’t come themselves. And then I thought that since I would be there anyway, I could try to sell for myself also! It was kind of a “now or never” moment, and I didn’t want to have regrets…

For the moment it’s rather scary and stressful, since I’m behing on my schedule. I have no idea if I’m going to make it on time or not, and what I’ll have to sell on the booth. And I’m not talking about whether it will sell or not! Especially since the other brands I will sell are very well known and high quality. :s As a consequence I don’t sleep much currently, and that’s partly why I didn’t post so much. I’m posting more often now, but I’m not sure how long it will last… ^^; Please bear with me until November 2nd. The picture above is one of the patterns I’m working on: short pants.

Spotted: Kawaii felt no komonotachi

In the early stages of this blog, I was talking about felt stuffies and how you can make really cute things with felt (and sometimes useful stuff too!). This book is a perfect example of adorable felt stuff. They have actually quite a number of books here about felt or felted wool stuffies, but I don’t find so many that really appeal to me. But things in this one are sooooo cute! There is a reason why there is the word “kawaii” (= cute) in the title. I almost brought it home with me the moment I looked inside. I didn’t because of you-have-to-be-reasonable reasons, but I’m still considering it.

The cover is a good indication of the styles of the items. No realistic animals, but cute big eyed ones. It’s been quite a long time since it was released (sorry I’m late!) so I do not remember everything, but I think there were many animals and also some cute little characters (fairytale inspired?). There were also some pouches and small bags. You can see one of the fringe bags on the cover. I don’t personnaly like the fringe, but it can be an inspiration for other bags. Also some flowers that you can see on the cover. I just went to check the Amazon page, and you can see a few pictures of the inside of the book there.

I thing this book can be really useful if you like to work with felt to create cute non-realistic things. It can serve as pattern but also as inspiration. The patterns are given of course. If my memory doesn’t trick me I think some of them have to be enlarged but most are the right size. ISBN n°978-4418092192.


Today I got myself a treat: a very small notebook, with no lines on the pages (which I don’t find that often here), that I can carry with me everywhere and draw on. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Today it’s mainly clothes designs. I want to draw more, I wasn’t that good but I was better that nowadays. Here are the two pages I did tonight.

(for the Flickr group, it’s a nice idea!)

(the place where I was eating)

There is really room for improvement (I didn’t have the courage to draw myself in the clothes because I knew it would look bad, and some of the distances in the room are really bad), but it’s a beginning! Let’s hope I keep on drawing, if possible at least once a day.


Just a quick note to let you know that:

- I added new links to nice blogs that I enjoy reading. I actually read much more blogs than those linked here (except that I don’t really have time lately), so I will probably add other links later, but I don’t want to give you too many at a time.

- please remember to check the “giveaway” section (on the right) regularly, as I will be adding new links as I learn about new giveaways. I don’t have time to write a post each time, so this is the easiest way for me to let you know about them. The french sites giveaways are described in French and the english sites giveaways are described in English, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to those in your language only.

See you as soon as possible, I’m going back to work now!