Today I got myself a treat: a very small notebook, with no lines on the pages (which I don’t find that often here), that I can carry with me everywhere and draw on. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Today it’s mainly clothes designs. I want to draw more, I wasn’t that good but I was better that nowadays. Here are the two pages I did tonight.

(for the Flickr group, it’s a nice idea!)

(the place where I was eating)

There is really room for improvement (I didn’t have the courage to draw myself in the clothes because I knew it would look bad, and some of the distances in the room are really bad), but it’s a beginning! Let’s hope I keep on drawing, if possible at least once a day.


Drawings — 2 Comments

  1. C’est cool que tu aies enfin trouvé un carnet comme tu le voulais. ^__^Et l’idée de dessiner sa tenue est vraiment sympa, j’irai faire un tour sur le groupe FlickR un de ces 4, ça doit être marrant à regarder. :) Bisous

  2. You have a beautiful style to your drawings. I hope you keep it up! It is funny I found this today – as they had me draw some flowers at work for an announcement and I have not drawn for a while. I hope I keep it up too.

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