L’aiguille en fête

Hello! I’m writing today with some good personnal news and lots of pretty things to share. First, I’m happy to announce that our Internet connection works perfectly! o/ And my little sewing corner in the appartment is close from being done. I still need a few things to tidy things up and above all, I need a new iron. I don’t know about you but even if I don’t iron all my clothes all the time in “real life”, I can’t sew without an iron nearby! I can’t wait to have one and start sewing again. ^^

So I you can guess the pretty things I’m about to share are not things I made myself (although I do have some simple crochet to show you later, finally managed to get a few pictures last week). I was able to spend some time at the sewing event I told about last time. Not as much as I would have wanted (couldn’t see much of the booths), but enough to want to get better organized next year, and to snap a good number of lace pictures from their exhibition. Here is a selection.

You can find the rest of the picture in their Flickr set (along with some bigger size versions). I’ll add other pics as soon as I find the time to resize and upload them, so check back regularly!


imageIt’s that time of the year again! Yestarday started this year’s edition of the crafting event “L’aiguille en fête” at La Vilette in Paris. It’s an event centered around what we call in french “the needle arts” (sewing, embroidery, quilting, knitting…), with a majority of booths about quilting or embroidery. They also organize exhibitions and tutorials. This year’s theme is lace. It’s going on until this Sunday 5pm.On a more personal note our moving at the end of january went ok and we’re now in our new lovely appartment! The last room still needing unpacking and organization is, of course, the work/sewing room. ^^; No sewing for me at the moment. And we still don’t have an Internet connection, although we’re supposed to. Hence the lack of posts here. I’m trying to post this through an application on my phone, I hope it will work. We called the company in charge this morning, they will try to find out what’s happening and hopefully we should have access to the Internet within two weeks (fingers crossed!).

Petite couture pour grand projet

I made this necklace and earings set for a charity sale that will take place this Saturday morning (yes it’s tomorrow at 9am, I’m just on time!). The base for this set was this lovely piece of fabric that I found in my leftovers box. The result is a joyful little piece, that I hope someone will like so as to bring money to the BikNok association.

In other news, I found a job in France! I’m really happy. I hope I find my routine quickly so that I can find more time to craft and tell you about it. ^^