Happy note

My yo-yo set for the charity sale sold this afternoon! ^_^ I’m happy because it brought money to the association and it means someone I don’t know liked it and wanted it for herself. It’s the first time I sell something made for humans (as opposed to dolls). You might see other jewelry pieces in the near future: making accessories requires less space and is easier for me to do at the moment, and I really enjoy it!

Mentalist & Liberty

Here is a picture to confirm what I wrote about the other day. Sorry I didn’t think of looking for a picture the day I wrote the post (I’m going to edit it right away).

Looking at it I understand why I recognised it so easily: this Liberty is called Lauren and is one of the first Liberty print I liked and learnt to recognise. It’s so distinctive from other kind of prints, it’s easy to spot (unlike some of their more traditional floral prints).

(I found the picture on the Internet through Google, I don’t remember where it comes from)

Petite couture pour grand projet

I made this necklace and earings set for a charity sale that will take place this Saturday morning (yes it’s tomorrow at 9am, I’m just on time!). The base for this set was this lovely piece of fabric that I found in my leftovers box. The result is a joyful little piece, that I hope someone will like so as to bring money to the BikNok association.

In other news, I found a job in France! I’m really happy. I hope I find my routine quickly so that I can find more time to craft and tell you about it. ^^