Butterfly bracelet

A small bracelet I made to go with my 50′s dress for the wedding. I actually made it in the train when we went to the wedding place! ^^;

At first I was thinking of making a few golden butterflies to decorate my outfit. But with time passing and the dress not being finished as soon as I had planned, i decided to do without the handmade brooches. But the butterfly theme and gold color stuck with me. I found in an accessory shop a thin golden headband with a tiny butterfly on it to put in my hair. But I had an idea for a bracelet, and I really wanted to make it myself to be sure to have what I wanted. I wanted it thin and delicate, so the big silk butterfly was out of the question! Then I thought of the metal butterfly from La Droguerie that I used for the “spring set“. They didn’t have any in gold but they had it in brass, which is close enough to be okay. I added a thin chain and a few white perls, and here it was, just as I imagined it!

I really like this bracelet and I wore it several times since I made it. ^_^

Materials: butterfly and all metal parts = la Droguerie ; pearls = Rayher

A small note

Sorry I didn’t write the past weeks, I have things to say but sad things happened and I wasn’t really on a writing mood.

To get slowly back, I wanted to add a side note about pattern Simplicity 2101: the ties at the shoulders are “fake”. They’re not part of the yoke, you just tie them on top. In the first picture I showed of the dress, it is shown without ties.

The good thing about this: you get two tops in one, since you can wear it with or without the ties. And you can use them to make sure your bra straps won’t show, since you can catch them in the ribbon and ties them to the yoke. I find it very useful with such a wide neckline.

The bad thing: I find they have a tendency to move (go too much to the back or the front of the dress) and untie themselves. I had to move them back or retie them several times during the day.

I like it better with them, especially since my yoke is not perfect at the shoulder seams. ^^;