New page: Buying fabric and notions


I’m writing tonight (surrounded by snow, it’s been crazy today, I didn’t have any train to go to work) to tell about a new page I’ve added to the blog. I’ve decided to start a resource list on where to find fabrics and notions online in France or in the neighborhood. I read a lot of american blogs, and sometimes I feel like I know more online shops in the US (or other far away parts of the world) than in France. ^^; Which is a shame, since I’d like to encourage local shops and creators also. So I decided to keep track of the shops I discover through searches or blogs. It will be good for me to have this list to refer to in the future, and I thought it could be useful to others also, so I’m putting it here! It’s very small at the moment, I hope to regularly add to it.

For now the full list will be in the French version, with only selected items in the English version, since most websites are in French.

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