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It wasn’t exactly panned, but today when going to the city center to look for material for a new sewing project I decided to go check Off House. It’s a second hand store where you can find lots of stuff, among which clothes. I wanted to see if they had things I could use as cheep fabric source (like clothes or sheets). It seems a lot of people around the web use things they find in thrift stores.

Conclusion: it wasn’t such a nice idea for the wallet, but from a strictly personnal point of vue it was a really good one! I didn’t find any clothes to buy just for the fabric (they don’t have linen). Things were ugly or too expensive or too difficult to use. But, I did find two very cute top, so cute that I couldn’t leave without them! Okay, I have to say in my defence that it cost less than 1,000 yens in the end, so it’s not a really big bad idea. ^^

First is this adorable little blouse. The fabric is very thin and therefore see through, I will wear  t with something underneath. I loved it the moment I saw it: flocked fabric (is it how you call this?), very delicate, small pleats, frills, puff sleeves? Yes! It reminds me of some vintage pieces. I was really surprised to see it there, not already bought and for such a ridiculous price! I have to admit I’m not 100% sure it looks perfectly okay on me, but it was so adorable and so cheap, I had to get it! In case I can’t wear it I can still use the fabric for doll sewing.

And then there is this top that reminds me of the 50′s~60′s. I might be wrong and it might be totaly different from what they wore, but it makes me think of that period. I think it’s the collar and the ties at the shoulders. ^^ I love it! I like everything about it: the overall shape, the previously mentionned details, the dots and the colors. And of course since I love 50′s fashion and it reminds me of that time, I had to like it. It was slightly more expensive than the other one (but still cheap), I hesitated for two seconds, but it was too nice and uncommon to leave it there. ^^; I wasn’t sure you’d see the collar very clearly on the first picture so I took another one:

Now I have to make myself a long and wide white skirt to go with it! Which is fortunate because I already had an idea of that kind. ;)

And for those who might wonder, yes, I did also find the supplies I needed for my project. ^^ Just have to do it now!


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  1. J’adore le rouge !!Effectivement il fait années 50 je trouve.Il est long comment? Il parait très court? Mais peut être qu’il tombe bas sur les épaules…Jolie pièce en tout cas !!Il me tarde de la voir portée par toi :)

    • ^_^Oui il est assez court effectivement. Ceci dit je pense qu’avec un vêtement à la taille normale il ne devrait pas montrer mon ventre. D’où la jupe blanche pour aller avec. Dès qu’il est lavé j’essaie de faire une petite photo avec un jean en attendant la jupe. :)

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