On November 1st I’ll be taking part to what is possibly the biggest doll event in Tokyo. I’ll be there as a seller. At first I reserved a booth to sell for other people, some foreigners that I know from the dolly world who would like to sell there but couldn’t come themselves. And then I thought that since I would be there anyway, I could try to sell for myself also! It was kind of a “now or never” moment, and I didn’t want to have regrets…

For the moment it’s rather scary and stressful, since I’m behing on my schedule. I have no idea if I’m going to make it on time or not, and what I’ll have to sell on the booth. And I’m not talking about whether it will sell or not! Especially since the other brands I will sell are very well known and high quality. :s As a consequence I don’t sleep much currently, and that’s partly why I didn’t post so much. I’m posting more often now, but I’m not sure how long it will last… ^^; Please bear with me until November 2nd. The picture above is one of the patterns I’m working on: short pants.


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  1. Je trouve ça très chouette comme idée, de te lancer comme ça ! J’attends les photos avec impatience, et je t’envoie plein de courage !Bises

  2. je regarde de temps en temps ton blog tes inspirations, tes dessins, tu as le courage de te lancer. Bravo. Je me permets de te demander un conseil. Sur le blog de henri et violette que tu as visité, j’ai un velours milleraie qui est non extensible, le tour de hanche pour le grand rectangle je multiplie par 1,5 ou 2. Ne pouvant joindre henri et violette leur système informatique a des problèmes. C’est pourquoi je me suis permise de te joindre. Je te remercie d’avance .Courage. Anne

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