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Look who got here last week-end:

I was really happy! After years longing for a dress form, I finally have it! And it’s an adjustable one! It’s was a gift promised some months ago, which was delayed due to various reasons (among which our moving). We finally ordrered it a few weeks ago. It’s funny that it arrived especialy this week-end, as it was our japanese-wedding anniversary. :) Nice coincidence! I really like the simple color and the wood parts as it makes it quite a nice and decorative item. It fits just right in our working corner.

You can also see my lovely new fabric cabinet, which contains way too many fabrics…

The only drawback of an adjustable form is that you have to adjust it. Which means you have to take all your precise measurements. You’ll think I’d have all my measurements by this time. And you’d be right. But I’ve never made pants or a tight skirt or dress. Which means I’ve never used my hips circumference. Of course I measured it, some time ago. And on Saturday. I knew I had grown a few inches in that part lately, but knowing and having figures to prove it are two different things! It was a little depressing… ^^;

Now that I have such a wonderful (I hope) dressform, I have to use it! The good news is that lately I’ve been able to put aside some time for sewing. I’m organising slowly and trying to find the perfect schedule for my week. The downside of this is that on the free time I get, I sew, so I don’t blog. Still some work to do on that schedule.


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  1. Hello there,I’ve just found your blog via JCA’s blog and I see you have a dressform! I’ve been looking at getting one for ages now but have been uncertain as to which model to choose. Is yours a Ladyvalet ?- it certainly looks like one. May I ask where you bought it from, if it’s easy to adjust and if you’re happy with it ?Thanks so much for your advice.

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