Buying fabric and notions

I’ve decided to start a resource list on where to find fabrics and notions online in France or in the neighborhood. I read a lot of american blogs, and sometimes I feel like I know more online shops in the US than in France. So it will be good for me to have this list to refer to in the future, and I hope it can be useful to others also. To see the complete list, please go to the French version of this page. I’ll only add part of it here (since most websites are in French).


  • Motifs et Cie (France) – a French creator that offers her small prints on cotton poplin. You can order online or go to the stockists listed on the website (in France, Belgium or online).
  • France Duval-Stalla (France – English website) – this fabric creator seems to be quite popular in the French sewing blogs world. You can order online or go to the stockists listed on the website.
  • Petit Pan (France) – they seem to sell their own prints on different kinds of cotton fabrics and as bias tape, piping and fabric covered buttons.
  • La Modette (France) – a French designer that offers her motifs on different types of fabrics and in several sizes. I wrote about this store with an usual system in my blog, you can find all related posts here. Sends anywhere in the world, you can pay by Paypal.
  • Christel G.Design (France) – a French creator who launched her first collection in 2013, printed in France on high quality cotton poplin. It’s a lovely collection that I really like.

Fabric shops

  • Shaukat (England) – they are known for selling Liberty fabrics at very interesting prices. They have a brick and mortar shop in London, to which I went in 2010. It was like being in a treasure cave! But I never bought online. I’ve read comments saying that their fabrics are cheaper because they didn’t necessarily met the quality criterium to be sold at the regular prices. I didn’t notice any fault in the fabrics I have, but I thought I’d share the info.

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