Butterfly bracelet

A small bracelet I made to go with my 50′s dress for the wedding. I actually made it in the train when we went to the wedding place! ^^;

At first I was thinking of making a few golden butterflies to decorate my outfit. But with time passing and the dress not being finished as soon as I had planned, i decided to do without the handmade brooches. But the butterfly theme and gold color stuck with me. I found in an accessory shop a thin golden headband with a tiny butterfly on it to put in my hair. But I had an idea for a bracelet, and I really wanted to make it myself to be sure to have what I wanted. I wanted it thin and delicate, so the big silk butterfly was out of the question! Then I thought of the metal butterfly from La Droguerie that I used for the “spring set“. They didn’t have any in gold but they had it in brass, which is close enough to be okay. I added a thin chain and a few white perls, and here it was, just as I imagined it!

I really like this bracelet and I wore it several times since I made it. ^_^

Materials: butterfly and all metal parts = la Droguerie ; pearls = Rayher