Giveaway winner!

Hello! It’s now May 27 and I guess you’re all wondering who won the giveaway. First I want to say a big thank you to all who took part in it and left nice comments. I was happy to see that most of you took the time to leave a little something book related. I read each of your comments as I received them and it was really fun to read about what you like to read, which authors you recommend or the little stories you shared. Some books and authors I know and love also,others I don’t know and will check. So thanks to all!

It was my very first giveaway and I have to say it’s hard not being able to send the cover to each one of you. ^^; But it’s how it works (and I don’t have enough of the two fabrics to make another identical one), so here is our winner as decided by

I contemplated going with little papers with your names on them, and having my husband pick the winner from a hat while I was taking pictures, but even if is less fun we thought it best so that we wouldn’t waste paper. Commenter 27 is Snoodles:

Congratulations! :) I love old books too, love the smell and the nice covers. I have to say I’m more drawn towards sewing or fashion related old books though. I’ll send you an email to get your shipping info.

Now as promised it’s my turn to share something, since you all did. If you can understand French I advise you to go read the French version of this post (just click on the French flag at right), since I’m talking about a book I loved. This book is only published in French, so it didn’t seem fair to talk about it here, since you can’t read it. Instead I’ll give you a very happy book-related memory. Reading is something we love in the family. And both my father and I really like science fiction books. When I was in highschool a friend of mine’s mother was working with an antique dealer. One day she tells me that he received what seemed to be the whole content of someone’s library, with only sience fiction books, and maybe we would be interested. You bet we were! We took an appointment with him, and since it was during the week I was allowed to skip school (something my father never allowed!) and go with him to check the books. We came back home that day with the car chock full of boxes, themselves full of books. We removed the back seats, so you can guess that even if the car wasn’t very big, it was still a lot of books. We spent weeks after that browsing through the books and choosing which ones we’d keep and which ones we’d give away or sell. I got to keep many books that my father wasn’t interested in. I still haven’t read all of them. ^^; It is one of the best book related memories I have!

I hope you liked this story, and again a big thank you to everyone who entered! And if you sew yourself you might want to come back next week as I might have something interesting concerning this book cover…

Giveaway Day!

Edit from 27/05/2012: the winner is Snoodles! Go check the full post here.

Edit from 26/05/2012: the giveaway is now closed! I’ll draw a winner and announce it here during the week-end. Thank you!

Here it is! Today is May 21st, also known as Giveaway Day! It’s also a big day for this blog as it moved and just got its own hosting and domain name. :) It had been in my mind for some time. At first I was thinking about doing it for it’s third birthday next week, but when I discovered the date of the new Giveaway Day I decided to rush things a little. It will be much easier to read, as the French and English versions are now separated (but it’s easy to switch between the two with the language buttons!). There might be a few things to tweek still, but I think I solved most minor problems that appeared after the move and this blog is ready for you. ^^ So, in honor of my blog getting back to life before its anniversary and getting its own domain, and also just because it’s fun, here is my giveaway for Giveaway Day. My first giveaway!

I’m offering a book cover that I made especially for this occasion. The pattern was inspired by similar book covers I saw in Japan. I’ve been using one myself since last summer (when I first drafted the pattern), and I have to say it’s very useful. I go to work by train each day, so I always carry a book in my bag, and they are now nice and protected thanks to this.

It is meant for small books (paperback books I think in English, right?). It’s based on French books but since the british/amercian books I own are smaller than my French ones, it should be okay for most books. The size is adjustable: there is a flap that you fold around the front of the book and then maintain with an elastic. That way you can still use the same cover even if you have books of different thicknesses. There is a bookmark that match the front fabrics so that you can find where you stopped easily. The cover can be washed: it’s made of different cotton fabrics (even the inside lining) and all have been prewashed to prevent shrinking.

So how can you win it? It’s very easy: just leave a comment on this post. Any comment will do, but if you want to leave something nicer, I’d love to read anything book-related: a book or author that you recommend and why, a book-related memory, when you enjoy reading the most, what style of litterature you prefer, a book-related accessory you like… If you do I will also find something book-related to share when I announce the winner. ^_^ Comments are open until early morning on the 26th (since it’s UTC+2 here) and the winner (randomly chosen) will be announced by the 27th. The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

And make sure to go check all the other giveaways on Sew Mama Sew’s blog!

Event : Giveway Day

I wanted to make a small annoucement about an interesting event: next Monday (May 21) is the next installment of Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day! If you don’t know Sew Mama Sew, it’s an online fabric and pattern shop. They also built a community with a forum and an interesting blog full of information and tutorials, and host giveaways there regularly. And twice per year they organize a worldwide event called “Giveway Day”. Anyone anywhere in the world can organize a giveaway on that day, and they will list all participants on their blog so that they can be found easily. It has to be related to crafting of course, and to follow their guidelines. So head on over there on Monday for chances to win lovely things and discover new interesting blogs. And if everything goes well, there might even be something to see around here too…