A touch of humor

This drawings comes from an Elle magazine from earlier this year (I don’t remember which month). It’s from a one page article about craft blogs (especially mom knitting and sewing for their children). I found it funny and thought I would share it. The mum says something like this: “Know that the whole community of blogging mums finds the scarf I knitted you incredible”. I think there might be a kind of joke with the adjective that I don’t know how to translate in English, because “renversante” means “incredible/amazing” but also comes from the verb “knock over”, which might soon happen to the little girl since the scarf is so big. ^^;

Edit: It seems that the drawing is from Margaux Motin.


A touch of humor — 2 Comments

  1. Hihi, oui elle est fun cette illustration :) Elle est de Margaux Motin by the way, tu peux créditer l’illustratrice :)

  2. Assez juste et bien vu cette petite illustration…..Je voulais te remercier de ton passage….Mais c’est bien, du coup j’ai découvert ton joli blog….Je voulais aussi te souhaiter une belle fin d’année et plein de bonnes choses pour celle qui arrive.A bientôt…

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