I wish everyone a very happy new year!! May it be (even) better that 2010 and filled with many crafting moments (after all that’s what this blog is about, right?) ! ^__^

I have to say that the year is starting quite well for us: after one year spent in an already furnished place where we can’t really change anything, we finally found an appartment! We will finally be able to unpack everything we brought back from Japan. It feels good, like 2010 was a transition year between our two lives and 2011 marks the end of this transition. Now we’re completely back to France and we can live our life completely again. Does that make sense? ^^; I want to take advantage of this to organise my life better, because I’ve been neglecting some things the past year that are important to me. And I want to find time for sewing and making things, without letting myself be undermined by the routine created by the work I have here. This part is looking good so far, because I found a new love thanks to a Christmas present: crochet!! This will be the subject of my next blog post. :)

And you, in which state of mind are you approaching this new year? Are you planning to start something new in 2011?

May 2011 be a great year for all!


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