A week of fun

The week that went by have been really interesting in the craft area. Not that I got much done, I didn’t have time. But I met really nice people and discovered very interesting things! I’m a doll collector, and as such I am part of online communities (and have met real dolly friends in Japan). If you want to read more about those dolls please go check my other blog. Many people of the doll community are into sewing, to make clothes for our dolls. From June 24 to July 2 there is a big doll event in Tokyo. It’s about Blythe doll, which maybe you’ve heard of people she’s getting more well known accross the world. Part of this event is about an international customizing/clothes making competition. The finalists have their dolls exhibited in Tokyo.

Some of my Flickr contacts happened to get selected, so they came to Japan for the event. And if you’re wondering what this has to do with sewing, well, just check the previous paragraph again: this competition is partly about designing and making clothes. Those dolly friends are all into sewing and are as fabric addicted as I am. ^^ A good part of their stay in Tokyo consisted in hitting the fabric shops there. And since we had dolls and sewing in common we decided to meet and have some fun in both areas.

Which led to 4 days of talking, long walks in Tokyo, meeting japanese doll people, going to doll events and shopping in fabric and notions shops. We spend a lot of time talking about fabrics and notions, compare fabrics, exchange tips, asking for advice (at least for me! ^^; ), discover new things. It was really nice and stimulating! It’s much more fun to go fabric shopping with someone else with whom you can comment what you see. Thanks to some japanese friends I was able to discover two very interesting shops. The first one is a tiny lace shop in Harajuku called The Lace Center. They have vintage lace as well as very nice modern lace, and also sell books about lace and clothes and accessories adorned with lace. The prices are a little high but they have very nice stuff. My friend who was with me that day just fell in love with one of their books: it’s a compilation of several french department stores catalogs from 1900. She didn’t get it that day but couldn’t resist and a few days later when I saw her she had bought it! I’ll try to write a post about it to give a little details. The other place I discovered is like lace and ribbons paradise: it’s the two Mokuba shops in Asakusabashi. I think I’ll also write another post about them, because they deserve some details. It’s a pity I didn’t take any pictures. Maybe another time (’cause there will be other times).

It was a really nice week! ^__^ I’d do it again anytime (well, maybe after some rest and a little more productive time).

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