As you can see, I don’t have much free time lately… The new life I started in France is very time consuming. So when I finally got a few hours to spend sewing, I decided to do something quick and simple: something with instant gratification. I decided to make something pretty for my hair: a headband adapted from the Pochee magazine (vol.8).

(not easy to photograph a black headband on dark hair…)

I reduced the size because I now have shorter hair and wasn’t sure a very large one would fit me. I had lots of embellishment ideas, but in the end I went for something that would be easy to coordinate. I added two black yo-yos made in the same fabric as the main part.

And now that I know it fits me I can make other versions, changing fabric and adding other embellishements! Which is great, because with shorter hair I don’t have that many hairdo options (I miss my long hair sometimes).


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