I’m sorry for the unplanned break I took from blogging lately. I got overwelmed by all the things I had to do and couldn’t find time to write any posts. The end of May was really busy at work, plus I had to organize a few things and finish my “frankenstein” dress (which was ready on time), then I left for Bordeaux (south-ouest of France) for a few days to attend to my oldest friend’s wedding, came back to Paris with a cold that left me very tired, went to another wedding, prepared my other half’s birthday and finally took it easy for a week so that I could get some needed rest. But it is sad because there were quite a few things I wanted to share here, so I’ll have to catch up.

I have several garments to show you, some flee market finds that I have to share, my series on gathers to finish and a blog-anniversary to organize. Yes, this blog turned two at the busiest time so I couldn’t even write the tiniest post for the occasion. Since I didn’t do anything last year either, I’d like to do something nice this year. As soon as I get the time, I’ll set up a unbirthday party. ^_^ In the meantime I want to wish a very happy birthday to this tiny blog, and say a big thank you to all those who are ready it, be it followers or occasional readers. And please leave me comments when you stop by, I love them! ^_^

New friend

Look who got here last week-end:

I was really happy! After years longing for a dress form, I finally have it! And it’s an adjustable one! It’s was a gift promised some months ago, which was delayed due to various reasons (among which our moving). We finally ordrered it a few weeks ago. It’s funny that it arrived especialy this week-end, as it was our japanese-wedding anniversary. :) Nice coincidence! I really like the simple color and the wood parts as it makes it quite a nice and decorative item. It fits just right in our working corner.

You can also see my lovely new fabric cabinet, which contains way too many fabrics…

The only drawback of an adjustable form is that you have to adjust it. Which means you have to take all your precise measurements. You’ll think I’d have all my measurements by this time. And you’d be right. But I’ve never made pants or a tight skirt or dress. Which means I’ve never used my hips circumference. Of course I measured it, some time ago. And on Saturday. I knew I had grown a few inches in that part lately, but knowing and having figures to prove it are two different things! It was a little depressing… ^^;

Now that I have such a wonderful (I hope) dressform, I have to use it! The good news is that lately I’ve been able to put aside some time for sewing. I’m organising slowly and trying to find the perfect schedule for my week. The downside of this is that on the free time I get, I sew, so I don’t blog. Still some work to do on that schedule.


I wish everyone a very happy new year!! May it be (even) better that 2010 and filled with many crafting moments (after all that’s what this blog is about, right?) ! ^__^

I have to say that the year is starting quite well for us: after one year spent in an already furnished place where we can’t really change anything, we finally found an appartment! We will finally be able to unpack everything we brought back from Japan. It feels good, like 2010 was a transition year between our two lives and 2011 marks the end of this transition. Now we’re completely back to France and we can live our life completely again. Does that make sense? ^^; I want to take advantage of this to organise my life better, because I’ve been neglecting some things the past year that are important to me. And I want to find time for sewing and making things, without letting myself be undermined by the routine created by the work I have here. This part is looking good so far, because I found a new love thanks to a Christmas present: crochet!! This will be the subject of my next blog post. :)

And you, in which state of mind are you approaching this new year? Are you planning to start something new in 2011?

May 2011 be a great year for all!

A touch of humor

This drawings comes from an Elle magazine from earlier this year (I don’t remember which month). It’s from a one page article about craft blogs (especially mom knitting and sewing for their children). I found it funny and thought I would share it. The mum says something like this: “Know that the whole community of blogging mums finds the scarf I knitted you incredible”. I think there might be a kind of joke with the adjective that I don’t know how to translate in English, because “renversante” means “incredible/amazing” but also comes from the verb “knock over”, which might soon happen to the little girl since the scarf is so big. ^^;

Edit: It seems that the drawing is from Margaux Motin.

Bad sewing news

I’m afraid I won’t be able to sew for some time, it seems my sewing machine has to be repaired… Unless we can find a transformer so that I can use my japanese machine in the meantime. I’m really frustrated.

Nice discovery

I’m happy, tonight after going to the post office near my job (I work in Paris) I made a nice discovery: there is a Toto shop in the neighborhood!! “Toto” is a chain of fabric shops in France. ^_^ How good is that: fabric that is not very expensive, within 15 minutes of my job, in a shop that closes at 7pm and stays open at lunch time (which means I might have a chance to actually go there during opening hours!).

I learned since I started working that sadly working in Paris doesn’t mean you have easier access to the interesting fabric shops there. Those I’d like to go to close early, and it takes at least 30 minutes by subway to go there from where I work. I had no chance to go since March! That’s why I’m so glad I discovered this shop. But I’m not going to spend all my time and money there, I’ll be reasonable. I was tonight: I had to go home early so I didn’t even enter the place! ^^;

Stay tuned for a wedding party outfit and very small related sewing. And I’d like to post a tutorial for the headband I showed the other day.

You know you are addicted when…

How do you know that yes, you really are addicted to fabric?

Easy! When watching the first episode of The Mentalist on TV, you suddenly exclaim, in a very excited voice: “Oh my god! It’s Liberty fabric! I’m sure she’s wearing a Liberty blouse!!”. If there are people in the room who are not very close to you and used to your weird interests and habits, I think your reputation might suffer a little… ^^; Luckily for me I was alone with my husband.

I googled it a little after, to find that I’m not the only one who noticed. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. ^^ And you, have you ever spotted that a particular fabric was used in a movie?

I’m sorry that I’m not blogging more lately. I’m very actively looking for a job and that takes most of my time and energy. Plus my husband started his new job last week, and we need a little time to adjust to the new schedule. But I’m still here!

Is it really 2010 already?

I just realized I forgot something very important. It’s a shame I haven’t told you yet:


I wish everyone who comes here an excellent year! I hope it will be filled with joy and happy memories. And since we’re talking about crafts here, that it will be filled with new projects and new experiments.

This new year started for us with many challenges. We left Japan at the end of last year, to come back to France. This is the reason why I haven’t written anything here for such a long time. After the Dollshow (which went quite well, I’m really happy I did this event, you can read a report on Songes de poupées here) we had to prepare everything for the move, and only had a few weeks to do so. You can guess the frantic mess it was at home. We said goodbye to Japan (quite heartbreaking) and arrived in France in December. I had no Internet connection until now, which is why this blog was sadly left behind… But I’m now back, with my own Internet connection! ^_^ And appart from all the personal challenges (finding a new job, a new home, a new life) I have lots of craft projects in mind for this new year. Among them: learn how to knit and crochet for real. Now that I’m back in France I can ask for the help of my mother and my cousin, and I intend to fully take advantage of this! Hope to share all of this with you during the year. ^_^


Today I got myself a treat: a very small notebook, with no lines on the pages (which I don’t find that often here), that I can carry with me everywhere and draw on. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Today it’s mainly clothes designs. I want to draw more, I wasn’t that good but I was better that nowadays. Here are the two pages I did tonight.

(for the Flickr group, it’s a nice idea!)

(the place where I was eating)

There is really room for improvement (I didn’t have the courage to draw myself in the clothes because I knew it would look bad, and some of the distances in the room are really bad), but it’s a beginning! Let’s hope I keep on drawing, if possible at least once a day.